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Hong Kong High Performance Computing

June 7th, 2023

HKHPC supports High Performance Computing (HPC) service for University researchers and scholars from diverse disciplines whose work requires intensive computations. HPC service is currently supported by two high performance Linux clusters. These clusters are used for solving complex computational problems that cannot be supported by standard desktop computers or workstations. The clusters can support research projects that require a sizable CPU power, memory, network and disk space as well as parallel programming for improving research efficiency.  

HKHPC arranges training courses on parallel programming for staff and students to acquaint them on how to use parallel programming to optimize the use of computational power in calculations and program running.

Users are requested to acknowledge the use of HKHPC HPC facilities in their research publications. Please see Acknowledgement for more information.

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Hong Kong Health Protection Centre(HKHPC)

June 6th, 2023

The Centre for Health Protection (CHP) is a public health agency established in June 2004 under the Department of Health. the mission is to achieve effective prevention and control of diseases in Hong Kong in collaboration with local and international partners.  CHP is committed to protecting the health of the community, promoting healthy living in the community, and partnering with stakeholders.

In fighting communicable diseases, CHP focus on the ‘3Rs’ – real-time surveillance, rapid intervention and responsive risk communication. Meanwhile, we continue to strengthen the surveillance system, infection control and laboratory diagnostic capacity; implement vaccination programmes; draw up emergency response plans; conduct risk communication and health promotion activities; and develop applied research and training programmes. For non-communicable diseases, CHP puts emphasis on promoting healthy living in the community, and the ‘Strategic Framework for Prevention and Control of Non-communicable Diseases’ has set out a comprehensive strategy and goals.

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Cyberport tenant HKHPC recognised for excellence in intellectual capital

June 6th, 2023

The Hong Kong Institute of High Performance Computing (HKHPC), a Cyberport tenant, was recently awarded the certificate of excellence in intellectual capital management (ICM) by a consultancy programme jointly organised by the Intellectual Property Department, the Innovation and Technology Commission and the Trade and Industry Department.

The Intellectual Capital Management Consultancy programme is a free consultancy service that helps small and medium sized businesses to further their understanding of ICM, and help them maximise their potential in this area.

The HKHPC is one of three participating companies awarded the certificate in excellence for its intellectual capital report published in May 2009 to shareholders.  The report summarised the core value and innovative capacity of the knowledge based enterprise and documented its entire ICM process.

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June 2nd, 2023

戴尔科技(Dell Technologies)公布截至2023年5月5日的第一财季业绩。季度总净营收209.22亿美元,上年同期为261.16亿美元,同比下降20%。季度净利润5.78亿美元,上年同期为10.69亿美元,同比下降46%。其中,产品营收150.36亿美元,服务营收58.86亿美元。基础设施解决方案ISG集团营收75.93亿美元,同比下降18%。客户解决方案CSG集团营收119.83亿美元,同比下降23%。


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